An Ecological Innovative Community Program Located at 518 Church

New Registration SAVE  25%  August  Day Camp Fees
New Registration SAVE  25%  August  Day Camp Fees

Information & Registration (613) 408-0373

March Break Day Camp Registration coming January 2019

Information & Registration (613) 408-0373

March Break Day Camp Registration coming January 2019

Seize the Day Camp: Where children's ideas come to life!

Click here to learn more about Kozroots Community Empowerment Projects the organization working together with the local community to bring Seize the Day Care, Camp & Programs to town.

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Meeting Families School Aged Child Care Needs

When kids get a break from school it is a chance to explore and grow by using skills and ideas they learn about in class, and in school yard. Seize the Day Camp creates an enviromnment and a program of activities  that will guarentee a fun time. Our goal at Seize the Day Camp is making children's ideas come to life while building new skills, interests, and creating friendships along the way.

We have created activities that inspire and  encourage children's interests and development. You can be confident that your children are safe and enjoying their sschool break days at Seize the Day Camp.

Seize the Day Camp has flexible affordable choices for you. We offer half day and full day options, before and after day care, along with flexible casual day camp. If you are just looking for a break now and then, work part time, or need a full day care  on PA Days and school breaks we have you covered.

Daily Fees:

  • Day Camp only 9am to 4pm: $25
  • Day Care before 9am - after 4pm: $35
  • Youth Leadership &  Challenges for ages 12 to 16. Inquire at

Other Fees:

  • $1 Daily materials
  • Fieldtrips *entry and bus fees will apply
  • Special Guest visit to Day Camp per cost

We promise to keep costs to the minimal when they apply.

Seize the Day Camp  is located at the Henderson Hall and St. Paul's Presbyterian Church in Winchester, Ontario with access to sports fields, equipment,arena, and park.

Our program includes:

*Daily Sports

*Games & Challenges.    

*Creative Arts:  Theater, Dance, Art, Music

*Tutoring and Academics:  One on one, *Group learning

*Free time: Indoor and Outdoor Play

*Well-being: Yoga, Mindful Meditation, *Gardening, Cooking & Nutrition

along with much more. 

Our staff are Certified in CPR & First Aid, from the field of education,  child and youth work, and  early childhood education.

Close to the Community

North Dundas is a close knit community, that's why we decided to launch Seize the Day Care, Camp & Programs in Winchester. We want your child to have every opportunity to grow and learn, and so we invite you and your children to learn more about the opportunity to contribute to this ecological innovative project. 

Seize the Day Camp is excited to bring this program to Winchester, Ontario. Our team is made up of local youth and  leaders with backgrounds in education, the arts, and sports, child & youth work, with a united goal to provide a positive day camp experience for families and their children from North Dundas and the surrounding communities.

Working with local businesses, parents, other stakeholders, and youth we are working towards developing a series of  innovative ecological programs, including summer day camp and youth driven activities, We continue to work towards establishing Seize the Day Care in 2018. 

We want to hear your ideas and vision for child care and other programs of activities for families. Contact us to learn how you can be involved, or learn more about our programs.

Are you a local business or organization interested in collaborating or lending in kind or financial support? We welcome you to share how you can help us grow.

Seize the Day Camp is produced by Kozroots Community Empowerment Projects, a Not for Profit organization. 

Our aim is to help people and community grow.

We are grateful for the support of the Township of North Dundas for providing affordable space for Maech Break Day Camp, use of equipment, and community resources and space. 

We also wish to thank other community members for their guidance in helping us bring this project  to life.  

A special thanks goes out to St. Paul's Presbyterian Church, The Masonic Temple, and Community Food Share for providing spaces, resources and an opportunity for our campers and leaers to contribute to giving back through the community garden project.

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A great team of youth and adults working together!

We have hired a great team of youth from North Dundas to help create a summer to remember with children from the surrounding communities. Your children, the counsellors, and the founding team (all are from the field of education and child and youth work) will all collaborate to create summer fun activities that wil surely create growth and memories for us all.

With the summer coming to an end the parents, children and organzations involved in bringing Seize the Day Camp to town want to thank the counsellors for their commitment for playing a great part in making  Seize the Day Camp a happening place for children.  We wish them all luck as they return to school and continue to study in their selected fields.

Special Thanks and Recognition

Kozroots Community Empowerment Projects is an equal opportunity employer, and are grateful to all who applied to work on this project.

Special thanks to the Canada Summer Student Job 2018 Grant for making this initiative possible.  We also want to recognize all the people working behaind the scenes for their guidance and support.

Please complete one regstration form per child.

Seize the Day Camp - Magic & Mystery Septemebr 14, 2018

Looking forward to creating fun & learning.

Seize The Day Care, Camps, & Programs

North Dundas, Ontario, Canada